The Story About A Man Marrying His School Crush Proves That Love Beats All Odds

Very few people are lucky enough to get to marry their school sweethearts. True love is something which is not that easy to get. In your school days you might have had many crushes but there is someone special still there in the deepest part of your heart. You still feel lucky to have that special one in your life.

Jayaprakash, a resident from Bengaluru, India, married his school love despite odds that threatened to ruin their friendship. He fell for Sunitha at the age of 17 and went on to marry her 10 years later. But what happened in between is what tested their love to full extent.

In a post shared on the Being You Facebook page that has received more than 1.5 lakh likes and been shared several times over, Jayaprakash narrated his touching story.

Jayaprakash says he was in school when he first saw Sunitha in 2004.

“I was 17 when I saw a new girl walk past my classroom. I couldn’t stop staring. I had never seen anyone like her. Over time, we became friends but my heart sulked every time I saw her with someone else. Soon, I stopped talking to her even though she had no idea why. After the exams, she filled in my slam book saying she wanted to talk, but it never happened. I got into college but never met another soul like her. She moved to Bangalore,” he writes.

They kept in touch off and on but “soon got busy with our lives”.

In 2011, an accident left Sunitha’s face disfigured, but Jayaprakash’s love for her became stronger,
“When I went to visit, I saw a person with no hair, a disfigured face, no nose, no mouth and no teeth, walking like a 90-year-old. I was stunned. I broke down. That moment, I realised that I love her. Later that night, I sent her a text. I am the only person who can take care of you. I love you. Let’s get married.”

The two married in 2014. Despite financial problems and people questioning their relationship, the two didn’t waver from their decision to spend their lives together.

Today, they are happier than they were before,
“Today, I am married to my teenage crush. She became my love. Love isn’t about a face or imposed conditions or external beauty. It is a connection of souls. It feels right. All I know is that I love her to the moon and back, infinity and beyond, forever.”


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