They’re Just Like Us! 12 Celebs Caught Lookin’ At Boobs

Men are known for a variety of things. We love good food, we love sports and we have trouble keeping our eyes off of good cleavage. It’s not exactly a secret of the world. Many women dress in sexy two-piece bathing suits for a reason. And they wear push-up bras and low cut or tight shirts to draw men’s eyes right to those two voluptuous body parts. It’s as if cleavage is kryptonite to men, weakening us upon site. We just can’t resist staring at them no matter who we are walking with. We can be holding a baby and our eyes slip over for a quick glance of some random hottie wearing a tight, revealing outfit. We can be hand-in-hand with our wives when our eyes uncontrollably dive down to a nearby stranger and give a quick peek.

The best part of great cleavage is that women are not immune to it either. Women are constantly checking each other out. And with cleavage, there are no boundaries of the sexes. Heterosexual women will check out a counterpart just as a male does, with a quick glance of the eyes southward. Now, these moments are not the easiest to capture. They are glimpses in time; moments that must be caught in a split second. Covert missions of glancing at boobs is a dangerous one for many.

Celebrities are not immune from the casual sneak-a-peak. And we have caught them red-handed. Here are 12 Celebrities Who Were Caught Staring At Boobs.

















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