Third Eye? What Happens When Your Third Eye Opens Accidentally?

Sixth sense or Third Eye within humans is something that holds great power, and it’s been said that it’s the biggest secret kept from humanity. It is a mystical eye which actually correlates to an important and powerful Energy centre located in the forehead according to most scholars. For most it is placed between the eyebrows and an inch higher. But what happens when the third Eye Opens?

According to Hindu tradition, the Third Eye is the sixth primary chakra, or energy center, in the body and is often referenced as, “the soul’s gate.” When activated, it is said to grant greatly enhanced the perception of other realms, and to grant tremendous knowledge and wisdom without assistance from, or reliance upon, the material world. Additionally, it is said that once opened; the Third Eye grants the ability to communicate telepathically with other awakened individuals, to see the spirits of the dead, and even to receive messages directly from higher beings. It’s no wonder that people with an opened Third Eye are known to some cultures as ‘Seers’, and even witches have expressed a great respect for the value of an opened Third Eye for its tremendous powers for manipulating magical and spiritual energies.

According to H.P. Blavatsky and her occult school ‘Theosophy’ which shaped the future of European Occultism, the Third Eye is actually related to the pineal gland. Allegedly human raced had an actual Third eye with legendary functions and abilities. This third Eye atrophied because of the desecration and decay of our divine origin. Over time, the third eye diminished and shrunk, thus became the Pineal Gland. However, we can actually grow it back into a third Eye if we manage to follow certain rules and exercises. For this, though, you have to wait a little bit.

Here’s how you can tell whether your spiritual eye is opening and guides you to your place and purpose in the universe:

#1. Dull sensation of pressure between the eyebrows

The manifestation of the third eye is preceded by a corresponding sensation between the eyebrows. You’d feel a warm and light touch if you’re meditating regularly. This sensation would grow prominent with concentration. This sensation is, however, not necessarily triggered by spiritual thoughts – it can appear suddenly, out of nowhere. This feeling, in turn, becomes a reminder and pulls you back into the realm of spirituality.

#2. You ‘See’ the Colours and the Light of the Day in a completely different way

The third eye is actually called an ‘eye’ for a reason. When activated, all senses are modified as now the predominant sense, is the 6th sense provided by the Third Eye. Colours may seem brighter. You may catch weird smells. Moreover, you can feel or hear things that actually do not exist. This almost psychotic experience is common to the ones who have accidentally activated their 3rd eye.

#3. Foresight

Foresight or intuition is the ability to anticipate things before they actually happen. Concentration and spiritual growth results in the formation of an intuitive mindset, which becomes stronger over time. Initially, it’s a tingling feeling, a momentary spider-sense that comes and goes. But with regular meditation, this intuitive feeling grows stronger and governs our lives.

#4. Reality doesn’t Feel so Real anymore.

When the Third Eye opens accidentally, you may feel detached from the real world. You may have this weird feeling like you are living in a dream like everything is a lie and nothing matters anymore. This is caused because the third eye connects you with other Realms, forcing you to perceive the existence of so much more than the material world.

#5. Relationship Disruption

With the opening of the Third Eye comes to a remarkable ability to identify the truth. As a result, the true nature of relationships may become known and previously strong relationships may suddenly seem superficial and meaningless. Dishonesty becomes more apparent, and the minor day-to-day deceptions may become intolerable. Consequently, interpersonal relationships may experience a tremendous upheaval with the accidental opening of the Third Eye.

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