Three Aussie Girls Dance To Bohemian Rhapsody In The Car

A female comedy trio’s hilarious re-enactment of Wayne’s World’s lip-synching scene in their car to classic rock song Bohemian Rhapsody has become a social media sensation.

The sexy Sydney sheilas -Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison, otherwise known as SketchShe, caught the attention of people around the globe with the ‘Bohemian Carsody’ video.

The parody has even reached Brian May, the lead guitarist with famous rock band Queen who originally recorded the epic song in 1975, who shared the video on his Facebook page much to the delight of the laughable ladies.

The cute comedians couldn’t wait to tell their fans on their Facebook page about the news that such a legendary musician deemed their video worthy enough to share with his 500,000 die-hard fans.

The post said:

‘OK, so we are absolutely beside ourselves! LEGENDARY Queen guitarist Brian May has just shared our video!!! How incredible!’

‘Thanks for inspiring us, Brian. Maybe you can teach us a thing or two for our next air guitar session? We love you! ‪#‎RockOn.’‬

The sizzling hot trio gave it they’re all with their comical facial expressions, choreography and all round ridiculousness.

One of the funniest parts of the skit is when grab the wild women grab hold of their breasts every single time the line ‘mama mia’ is sung – which is copious times through the track.

Also, the video is a slightly more aesthetically pleasing headbanging car session compared to the original version by the very uncool and nerdy Wayne and his bestie Garth in the 1992 blockbuster movie Wayne’s World.

Shae-Lee (the brunette in the driver’s seat) and Lana (the blonde in front passenger’s seat) became friends four years ago and met Madison about 12months ago – and it has only been in the last six months that they have started seriously producing comedy together.

The girls began filming skits in their car with an iPhone on the dashboard just before Christmas when they didn’t have their ‘usual crew’ around to help out like they did with a more highly-produced material they have previously done.

Bohemian Carsody’ was put together in just one day last week.

Madison, who features in the red dress in the backseat told:

‘We only did it in three takes – it was getting hot and sweaty in the little Suzuki Swift,’ ‘Plus there was too much headbanging going on – our necks were getting a bit sore.’

The stunning blonde said they decided on the song because ‘it lends itself to storytelling and interpretive dance’ and they are all big Queen fans.

she said:

‘Brian May was the best share ever – it was fantastic,’

‘If Brian condones it then it’s OK with me – it makes up for people saying we ruined the song.’

The 27-year-old said they all love female comedy

‘believe there’s not enough out there’.

‘We are already planning their next rocking-out road trip,

‘We also did it out of necessity – being a new group – we don’t have a big budget for a huge production.’


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