Two Authors’ Hilarious Twitter Conversation Turns Into An Incredible Horror Story

Depending on who you follow, your social media feed can become a bit boring. You can scroll all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s just the same old thing. But every now and then, you come across some absolutely golden content.

You may or may not be aware of Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig. The first is the man behind the Aeon’s Gate fantasy novel series and the other penned the Aftermath series, attached to the Star Wars books.

It is always better to read raw content than cooked one, so here is one.









I don’t want to ruin the ending, so I beg you to check out the whole feed here because it only gets better with each post. The hilarious back and forth brilliantly tells a horror story from the perspective of the serial killer and I really wish someone would make that into a movie.

I’m not alone here in thinking is amazing – these users think it’s comedic gold.



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