Unbelievable Photos Of Celebrities Before and After They Became A Megastar

Sometimes it is easy to forget successful people are just humans. It seems they were born into fame and are so different from us, normal human beings. This is bu****it of course. Here’s a look at celebrities before they were famous, after all, everyone has a childhood and someone to take cute childhood photos.

#1. Nicki Minaj

She tasted fame and success with tracks like “Super Bass,” “Starships,” and later “Anaconda”. Before this, she’s had a very difficult childhood, with a drug addict father and plenty of violence. After many years of struggle, today, she is the most successful female rap artists of this generation.

#2. Rihanna

This cute little 2 years old is gonna rock the world. Don’t be fooled by Robyn Rihanna Fenty‘s baby face, that’s a real go-getter and a strong woman! She is so strong that no one at school knew about the migraine headaches that plagued her because she didn’t want to be different, she overcame an abusive relationship and scored her first No.1 hit when she was only 18!

#3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Though his journey has been long and it was always lauded by other movie celebrities. He is one of the megastars who’s career was quite diverse, starting with low budget horror films to a major teenage heartthrob during the 90’s and now an Oscar winner.

#4. Tom Cruise

This sexiest man of all time became a megastar overnight with films like Risky Business and Top Gun. Tom suffered from dyslexia, which became difficult for him to continue study. Before he could become a megastar he thought of becoming a priest. After many auditions, he got a small role in Endless Love starring Brooke Shields and then there was no looking back, as his mission became possible.

#5. Kim Kardashian

She is the most highly paid reality TV megastar, with an estimated net worth of 40 million dollars, after she became popular with an infamous sex tape, released just before the beginning of her reality series. She first came to the public eye for her friendship with the well-known socialite, Paris Hilton.

#6. Jennifer Aniston

We all know her as the unbelievable Rachel, who won the hearts of millions on the television series Friends. This megastar started her career by being active in drama as her parents were from that background. After a struggle of doing minor roles, she hit big as Rachel and also her relationship and split with Brad Pitt, which garnered a lot of media attention.

#7. Gigi Hadid

For any Hadid, a time before fame is something that barely exists. Born to model Yolanda Hadid and real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, her modeling career began at age 2! She was discovered by Guess clothing and modeled with baby Guess before stopping to concentrate on school.

#8. Ryan Gosling

He had an isolated childhood with hardly many friends, but the movie Dick Tracy made a huge impression in his life. Ryan would perform and sing with his sister at weddings until he became famous after portraying the role of Noah Calhoun in an American romantic drama film ‘The Notebook.’ Today he is net worth $30 million and is one of the most sought out, among celebrities.

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