Taking a trip to Class can be super boring, we all know that. Well, this couple knows how to liven things up in the most unique way.

ShyaCTV buys a Vibrating panty for her Girlfriend without her knowing that it is a vibrating one.


As the video progress, He asks her about the remote and what is that . She initially doesn’t understand but after the button has been pressed she just instantly knows actually what the hell is going on. 

The two walk around as he continues to turn up the remote to get a reaction from her.

She runs around the university, laughing and holding herself to keep from having an orgasm right there!

While the video is definitely funny to watch, it has received mix reviews for sure. Many people think the two have a great sense of humor and that this is a good way to spice up a relationship…however, others are not so pleased with the idea…

While the happy reviewers are saying her Girlfriend is ‘perfect wife material’…the other half say they are sick and tired of guys like Him “objectifying their girlfriend’s sexuality for the sake of views.”

Well, we guess there will always be haters out there, now won’t there? It’s pretty funny watching her run around the store and try to carry on normal behavior infront of everyone.

Have a look at the video :




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