Virat Kohli’s Reaction When Fans Started Chanting ‘Anushka Anushka’


We all know how expressive Virat Kohli can get both on and off the field. Inspite of Royal Challengers Bangalore having a drastically bad tournament and finishing last, Virat has managed to keep his intensity intact on the field. There has been no dearth of fearlessness on his part and it has reflected on his game though his team has fallen short of the desired results. He carries the same fearless attitude off the field also.

His proclaimed love for Anushka Sharma is not hidden from anyone and the couple are regularly seen spending some candid time with each other.

His openness regarding Anushka often lands him in some awkward situations also. His fans never miss a chance to troll him and chant ‘Anushka, Anushka’ whenever he is around.

One such funny incident happened in the match between India and West Indies when the crowd started shouting ‘Anushka, Anushka’ while he was fielding on the boundary.

He is then seen indicating towards the back of his shirt and urging his fans to shout Kohli instead of Anushka. Even after repeated gestures, when the crowd didn’t stop to shout Anushka , he gives them a ear indicating he is not listening anything.

Watch it here:

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