A Wannabe Plumber Accidentally Sends ‘Super Mario’ Inspired Plumbing CV To Potential Employers By Accident

Sending a CV off to potential employers is always headache. You never know how they’re going to react – they might think it’s a pile of shite, you never know.

You’ll most likely find yourself looking over your CV even after you’ve sent it, just checking again and again to see if there are any major mistakes.

A wannabe plumber accidentally emailed a joke CV his partner wrote ‘for a laugh’ to all of his potential employers which labelled him a ‘part-time plumber and part-time princess rescuer’.

James Bowie-Wooler, 25, from Folkestone, in Kent, currently works at Tesco but recently completed a plumbing course and has been on the hunt for jobs in his new trade.

His girlfriend Shannon-Marie Tanner, 26, offered to write a CV for him but before she designed the real one, she put together a joke application for her own entertainment, Kent Live reports.

In the introduction section of his CV she wrote: “A highly professional newly trained plumber, who is skilled at planning and executing dangerous rescue missions repeatedly to save our local princess from the evil clutches of my arch nemesis Bower and his illegitimate child Koopa.

“I will usually work with my brother Luigi and Toad while riding my trusty stead Yoshi.”

“I have a number of outfits and can easily morph into Fire Mario, Racoon Mario, Cat Mario and Star Mario.”

She then lists that he won on the Rainbow Road in 1996, as well as battling in Super Smash Bros, and was able to fit down pipes.

In the “hobbies and interests section”, the CV wrote: “In my spare time I enjoy coin collecting, Yoshi Riding, Hunting for Mushrooms, Painting using my very own Self Designed Mario Paint, Go Cart Driving, hunting and participating in Athletic events.”


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