Science fiction fantasies became a reality as the gigantic robots, piloted by their creators, went head-to-head in the battle as America’s MegaBots Inc. took on Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

Two summers ago, a group of American roboticists formed a company called Megabots, and released a video challenging a Japanese collective to a giant robot fight. About a week later, the Japanese group, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, agreed to clash robots.


After over two years of robot-building and excessive YouTubing of the process—and a year after MegaBots originally said they would fight—the two teams finally engaged in fight.

MegaBots’ 12-ton, 16-foot robot, which it’s very patriotically called “Eagle Prime”. The new robot can move quicker and punch faster than the original robot MegaBots built. It has seats for a pilot and a gunner, and features a cannon arm for shooting massive paintballs, and a giant claw for grappling opponents.

Yep, it was Team USA who took the crown in the battle of the robots, but it was a great performance by Japan regardless. In the show, the American team’s Iron Glory got knocked down by Japan’s Kuratas robot almost straight away.

Engadget UK, who called the dual a slow and brilliant mess, wrote:

Its paintball canon, clearly no match for its 13-foot rival’s half-ton fist. In the second round, the MegaBots pilots came back with the newer Eagle Prime machine, itself decked out with a mechanical claw and gattling gun.

But, they still struggled to land a deadly blow, instead getting stuck to their foe – with Kuratas’ drone sidekick making life that much harder.

Then, in the final round, things got grizzly. Eagle Prime whipped out a chainsaw to dismember Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s juggernaut and end the carnage.

The Verge’s, expectations of the battle were very high, with audiences fully-aware plans had been in progress for two years.

They said the MegaBots Inc team did a ‘fantastic job of selling the dream of Giant Fighting Robots — too good, in fact, because the reality was always going to fall far short’.

Fans commenting on the video had mixed reviews, some said it was ‘fake’ but others thought it was ‘awesome’.

One comment read:

The battle itself was interesting. But why did the US team get to use 2 robots and the JP team only one, being the second US robot the double in size and weight? Japan defeated one robot. US defeated one robot. BUT the commentors were all like YEEY, US WIN. Wait, what?

Not entirely sure what they were trying to say there, but you get an idea.

The Nerd Channel added:

Ok. I watched the Twitch event and I think it was awesome. As for the over all fight, I say it was a tie. Japan took out one of USA. USA took out Japan in round 2.

Also as cool as Eagle Prime was, he was a different class compared to Kuratas. It was a featherweight vs a heavyweight. It’s little Mac vs Mike Tyson, c’mon (punch out for those who don’t know what I’m talking about). I hope to see more of these in the near future.

Either way, we think it looked pretty cool, have a watch for yourselves.

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