What does your hair say about your personality?

Do you keep changing your hairstyle every day or you have a fixed hairstyle that you prefer over any other hairstyle? Well, this one is for you.

Not only can your facial features tell you a thing or two about yourself, “your hairstyle can also reveal things about you,” Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, says.

#1. If you have straight hair that you always curl, it can mean you’re craving more fun in your life.

This means you are craving for more fun in your life.

#2. If you have red hair, chances are you’re fun.

Red-haired women are often branded as “fiery” and are typically perceived as fun-loving and wild.

#3. Curly hair equals a fun-loving, warm-hearted personality. Oh, and you do things faster than other people, too.

They have a “fire personality,” whose traits include leadership, love, passion, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. They also have a hard time focusing on one thing for a long time. And, there is also a possibility that they can be drama queens.

#4. You Have Curly Hair But You Keep It Straight.

It means your life is chaotic and you want it to be more peaceful and charming.

#5. Those with wavy hair that’s thick and lustrous are innovative and creative.

They also typically have high energy, strong will power, are deeply emotional, need a deep intense connection, and their feelings can be hurt more easily than you think.

#6. You Have Long Hair And A Wash-And-Go Style.

They’re also more romantic and more creative. You like to go with the flow but are more in touch with your feelings.

#7. If you have a medium-length wash-and-go style, you’re a good thinker and you value logic.

You also tend to be impatient and easily frustrated, so this style is perfect for you because it’s no muss, no fuss.

#8. Having thick hair means you have strong willpower.

Much like having thick eyebrows, if your hair is thick, you probably tend to have a lot of energy and you have a very strong willpower, but it can also mean you’re stubborn.

#9. A Shaved Head.

You have a sparkling personality, positive lifestyle and you are super romantic.

#10. You Have An Unconventional Haircut.

You love to be funny and you tend to do things out of the box.

#11.  If your hairstyle is high maintenance, you might be self-critical or a drama queen.

If it takes you a lot of time to get ready in the morning, it can mean two things: 1. That you’re very self-critical, anxious, and you worry about details too much — aka you work long hours trying to get everything right, which means you probably get up at 5 a.m. to try to get your hair perfect too. Or 2. You can be a drama queen who likes attention, so by default you make your hairstyle stand out so you’ll get noticed.

#12. If you have a blunt cut, you’re most likely someone who’s to the point and a go-getter.

This person also values logic, sets goals and is driven. They also want an easy-to-maintain hairstyle like a blunt cut, that doesn’t require much effort.

#13.  If a layered hairstyle is your go-to, you’re probably a perfectionist.

A layered cut needs to be done just so in order to look it’s best, so if you have layers, chances are you’re a perfectionist about everything, including your hair.

#14. You Have A Polished And A High Ponytail.

You are athletic and goal oriented.


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