Woman Who Had Been Bullied For “Thunder Thighs” Becomes Fitness Model

A student from Dallas, Texas, who was teased for her weight as a teenager, has shed 63lbs to become a fitness model.

Meghan Gilbert suffered from binge eating disorder throughout her school years and weighed 200lbs at her heaviest.

She has now been “clean” for two years and credits her weight loss to exercise and a change in mindset.

Meghan was overweight as a child but believes the disorder really began after going on an all you can eat cruise where she would eat four servings of lasagna and six bowls of ice-cream in a single sitting.

She was also diagnosed with anxiety and depression, which was obviously worsened by bullying. At her lowest point, she said, she struggled to leave the house but ‘kept on eating’ because she ‘didn’t care’.

Three years ago, however, the Dallas, Texas resident saw how unhappy she looked in her senior year school photo and decided to do something about it.

Meghan dramatically changed her diet and exercise regime and is now a fitness model and social media personality with over 65,000 Instagram followers.

On 9 May, in an emotional post on Instagram, beneath a before and after picture, she wrote:

The girl on the left was 200 lbs of depression, anxiety, and sin.

I was addicted to drugs and I partied every night. I woke up in the morning wanting to forget that I had to wake up this morning.. my life was just..sad.

Having shed 63 lbs, Meghan hasn’t touched drugs for two years.

She wrote to her followers in the inspirational post:

You will always have gloomy times in your life, and what matters most is your mindset.

Saying no, I can’t do it and not trying. Or saying yes, I can do it. I will try. I won’t give up, no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts.

Now, Gilbert is a bonafide fitness model, documenting her journey on Instagram to 65,700 followers.

She regularly posts short workout videos and shares details of her newfound healthy lifestyle.

She narrated her struggle:

After the pain and trials, you end up stronger, I started at a 5lb dumbell, and now I’m lifting a 25lb. It hurt when I first lifted that five… so bad.

But I kept on going. To 10. It hurt. To 15. It hurt. The same goes for life. Trials are like God’s gym. Building you up to prepare for what is to come next.

Gilbert has also launched a 30-day weight loss program that fans can purchase online for $39.99.

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