Woman Horrified After Finding Out Why Men Won’t Date Her

Dating is a minefield of half-truths, hand-holding and hedonistic new experiences; all things Kelly Glover embraces wholeheartedly.

So much so, the 39-year-old plus-size never found it hard to get dates, but after a weight-loss journey which saw Kelly lose 10 stone and drop down to a healthy 13-stone, the Australian was dismayed to discover fewer men approached her.

Why? Because ‘bigger women are seen as easy’, according to a friend of Kelly’s – who she asked for dating advice. This seems a legitimate explanation.

Musing over why she was getting fewer dating opportunities, Kelly turned to a friend who explained, in his experience, ‘people are more confident hollering at fat chicks’.

After being reminded of the ‘fat chicks are easy’ myth and experiencing a ‘light bulb moment’, Kelly is here to confirm it’s ‘total bull’.

She’s now set out to bust some myths about dating and is on a one-woman mission to, in her words, ‘ovary-up’ and prove to men, one size certainly does not fit all female stereotypes.

Writing in Mamamia.com , Kelly explained:

An unexpected side effect of extreme weight loss is that it’s harder to get dates. I know! You’d think it would be the opposite, right?

After losing 67kg I was half expecting a romantic comedy montage-style life of never-ending meet cutes with dates scheduled back-to-back all weekend long – but nope. It’s been crickets.

When I was 152 kg, I got asked out all the time. Seriously. All-the-damn-time… Now I’m 84 kg and size 18 (still fabulously fat) but there’s no magical mic drop moment. Instead I’m left tapping the mic asking, ‘Is this thing on?’

Kelly has embarked on a challenge – the aptly named 50 Fat Dates, which she documents in a candidly hilarious podcast – to go on 50 dates ‘as a fat girl’.

She continues to narrate her own experience of dating, saying:

You think fat chicks are easy? Go ahead and try to persuade a big girl you’re really into her and see how that works out for you. Good luck with that.

Truly pursuing a fat chick isn’t a sprint, it’s a freaking marathon!

For now, Kelly has learnt what she knew all along: To stop waiting for prospective partners to make the first move and grab the proverbial bull by the horns.

She’s now joined the female-led dating app, Bumble.


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