This Woman Makes A Sexy Surprise For Her New Boyfriend, But She Got Surprised Instead.

The early days of a new relationship is always a honeymoon period. We love doing lovely things for our lovers and try to make them happy. Both partners like to surprise each other and go on romantic dates. Spending quality time, going to movies and talking to each other all day, these all look very normal in the initial days of a relationship.

Here in this article, we have covered the story of a woman who made a sexy surprise for her boyfriend, but something unexpected happened. Just 3 days after getting in the relationship, she tried to make her boyfriend happy by giving surprise but later got shocked for life.


So, what was the surprise? Let’s take a look at this story to find out what sexy surprise did this woman tried to pull off.
For the sexy surprise, somehow she managed to go to her boyfriend’s apartment.

Wearing a short sexy dress, she waits for her boyfriend to come in and discover her.

To make it little more interesting, she goes inside the closet and hides.

He eventually comes, but not alone.

So, what do you think happened next?

He comes in with a man. Maybe he was just a close friend, right?

Just a friend? No, because they both start touching each other.

After seeing this, she got out of the closet and did what every girlfriend would do.

She started hitting him for this betrayal.

This woman should be happy that this was just a 3-days relationship.


Source: Kenning Gugma Koh

Have you ever faced this kind of situation in a relationship? Well, if you have, it must be really awkward and I would certainly not ask you to write down your story in this thread.

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