Woman Who Married Herself Admits On ‘This Morning’ About Having An ‘Affair’

No one wants to sound like they’re judging someone else and their choices, and we’re certainly not pointing any condemnatory fingers at Sophie Tanner. But still, at first her decision to marry herself does give the impression of having been taken on the wrong side of three bottles of wine.

It is A Thing though – many people have pledged themselves to themselves, so that they can love and respect others in the ‘correct’ way. It’s called ‘sologamy’, and its supporters claim it leads to a happier life. So there is a reason to this particular rhyme.

Tanner married herself back in 2015 and has never looked back, although has since cheated on herself, and now she’s appeared on This Morning to talk about her relationship and its benefits.

Sophie Tanner appeared on 24 oct show for a segment on sologamy after she married herself in 2015.

she explained:

Self-marriage is about self-love and it’s saying that self-compassion and self-care is as important as romantic love.

It doesn’t mean you’re rejecting all other meaningful relationships and becoming a nun. It means you’re rejecting bad relationships.

She admits that it doesn’t necessarily exclude her from ever having sex or being intimate with another person again, but instead is just a means of rejecting bad relationships.

Tanner ‘cheated’ on herself with a Ruari Barrett, a practicing polyamorist – someone who enters intimate relationships with more than one partner – having a monogamous relationship with her.

They eventually split after five months, with Ruari wanting to date more than one woman again and Sophie deciding she deserved better.

Watch the video here:

she added:

Marrying yourself is a lifelong commitment to be responsible for your own happiness. Divorce is not an option.

As if it wasn’t complicated enough, Ruari was in a polyamorous relationship before he got together with Sophie. “It’s not just trying to have your cake and eat it; it’s trying to have several cakes and that’s too many cakes,” he noted. “It’s too much work!

To top it all, after the pair split, Ruari ended up marrying himself too and got a tattoo of a heart with “me” written in it as a sign of his self-marriage.

It was all a bit too much for This Morning viewers.

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