Woman Sets Her Own Wedding Dress On Fire And Calls It Her Divorce Photoshoot

Who doesn’t like a pre-wedding photoshoot and pictures looking all gorgeous with your man by your side? Everyone does right but not this woman. According to her, she deserves a divorce photoshoot too. Obviously, no couple plans for a divorce to happen but it somehow happens, things don’t always go the way you plan. Kaitlyn McKee, a 25-year-old woman took her divorce into her hands when things started deteriorating between her and her man. She tried setting an example for everyone telling everyone to pick themselves up and move on. Not just this, she even put her $1500 wedding dress on fire.


Here’s how Kaitlyn McKee set her wedding dress on fire and declared it her divorce photoshoot.


1. Kaitlyn McKee, 25 years old was married to the man of her dreams.


2. But things did not really work out the way they had planned.

3. Kaitlyn and her ex-husband were together for 10 years and married for 4.

4. They also have a six-year-old daughter but like every couple has no idea what may go wrong, they mutually decided to end things.


5. Instead of grieving over the fact, Kaitlyn took her divorce quite sportingly and created a divorce photoshoot.


6. she said, “My relationship was not a good one, so it was a relief to finally be free. We’d been together since I was 16, and married for four years. We grew apart.”


7. She put her $1500 wedding dress on fire and that too with no regrets.

8. Now, she’s found someone special and hopefully, her second wedding will be a great success.

9. She has now started her new life and by setting her past on fire, she’s giving us all a lesson.

10. For the photoshoot, she went out to this little muddy area with a bottle of wine and her wedding dress.

She put the dress on fire and gladly stood near drinking wine from the bottle like a boss. Now that is what you call being a boss and taking failures as lessons.


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