When Women Are Extremely Bored At Work

Who doesn’t get bored at work from time to time? It happens to all of us and with the introduction of social media and access to camera phones, the game has officially been changed and people are able to reach out to the world in almost any way possible.

And with some of the most beautiful women in the workforce, the internet has been blessed with some of the hottest and funniest photos of women who obviously had to be bored at work. Without further ado, check them out for yourselves.

Freeze! Police!

If cops had racks like these, the thoughts of suspects and criminals wouldn’t initially be to flee the scene of a crime. Then again, some of these dudes do have t*ts and this young woman does appear to a have a ring on her finger. Isn’t stopping us from looking though.

So Many Questions…

When we first saw this picture, we didn’t come to the thought that this was taken at work but, from the looks of the doorknob it looks like an office of some sort. What we want to know is why is she taking full body photos like these, why did she throw a knitted sweater on, and where are her clothes? So many questions, nice body though.

Classy Office Photo

Usually, when we ask for photos of our ladies at work we don’t expect them to go the extremes of some of the women on this list but, this has to be one the classiest at-work, in-office full body photos we’ve seen in some time. Shout out to whoever this woman is.


We’re not sure why a pitchfork is necessary for any office job but, it could be a sign of some type of revolution brewing within the workplace. Also, we couldn’t help but notice that this young lady had to get her cleavage in the pic and honestly, we couldn’t blame her.

Presses Nurse Button

Over the years, nurses have gotten hotter and hotter over the decades and this young lady is all the reason to call our doctor’s for a check-up. Her eyes are pretty piercing but, there’s some sort of innocence about her that’s captivating. Time to press that nurse’s button.

On Display

We’ve been in a lot of office environments in our day but she is definitely the coworker that definitely gets the most email weekend invites. We’re sure the cleavage is exaggerated for the purposes of the photo, not to mention the angle of the camera but, we gotta admit these are photos we appreciate.

Molly Maid

We don’t know what type of Molly Maid service this is but, we want in, whoever has a number of these services provided with a business phone line in the comment section. At the same time, we’re not sure if she is a maid or a nanny but, this definitely is a strange at-work photo.

Teacher Bae

If we had teachers like these throughout or educational careers like this, we would have never ditched a single class, missed a single assignment, and most likely would have stayed for tutoring and extra credit. Teacher bae is definitely one of the hottest in her field.

Get Your Beer Here!

If you look at this young lady’s caption for her Snapchat photo you’d think she was working as a bartender at a Cabana bar on some beach somewhere but if you looked at her name tag you’d see she works at a golf club. We’re not sure what club it is but, if she’s bartending, we’re buying.

The Tilted Kilt

Personally, we feel like some company’s work outfits are definitely on the exploitive side and this outfit appears to be of the notorious bar and restaurant of The Tilted Kilt. The ladies are hot, such as this one but, things can get weird inside those walls. …

Surgical Cleavage

We’re not sure if this ok in regards to the hygiene department but, we’re not mad at it. Personally, we probably wouldn’t want our surgeons posting thirst traps for the Gram before slicing us with a knife but, if it works for them and we’re able to get more photos like these, more power to them.


In today’s society, this definitely wouldn’t have gotten you a call from HR immediately alongside with sexual harassment documentation and training to come but, these handprints are perfectly placed if you ask us. Hopefully, this young lady doesn’t have a spouse at home that doesn’t know about this though.

IT Bae

Usually, when the tech departments we’ve dealt with before in an office environment consist of middle-aged dudes with no existing type of personality so, can you imagine your computer not working and she shows up? Life would never be the same and every time the stapler was out of staples we’d have her on speed dial… Good Lord.


We’re not sure what she’s excited about or what she ate or drank earlier but, she seems a little too celebratory to be an EMT. Of course, we want our off-site EMTs to be supportive to be around but, this excited? Yes and no. She’s still hot, though.

The Nurse Bae

Well, damn, check our pulse right now, miss. Like we mentioned before, nurses have been stepping it up and this young lady has gained national coverage with her good looks. She’s definitely a bombshell and probably the most talked about at her workplace. Ladies thanks for being you and continue to hustle hard.

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