World’s First Robot Cop Is On Duty In Dubai

Dubai police have a knack of rolling out surprises. After introducing Ferraris and Lamborghinis to patrol the city, they have now inducted its first robotic officer and also aims to make them up a quarter of force by 2030. The robotic cop stood guard on Wednesday night at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. Tourists and passerby snapped selfie souvenir photos by its side.

Wearing a police cap and moving on wheels, the robot features a computer touch-screen on its chest that can be used to report a crime or inquire about speeding tickets.

“Our aim is to raise the number of robots to 25 percent of the police force by 2030,” said Brigadier Khaled al-Razzooqi, head of Smart Services at Dubai police.

A camera installed on the robot sends a live feed to police headquarters, while a touchscreen installed on its chest area will allow citizens and tourists to report crimes, pay traffic tickets and submit paperwork, according to United Press International. Its facial recogniition software can also be used to identify facial expressions, so if somebody approaches the robot looking upset or scared, it can try to calm them down.

Here is a video:

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