Is she world’s hottest nurse? The internet goes mad for her.

Instagram and other forms of social media have paved the way for a rise of internet celebrities whose fame is not based on what Hollywood movies they have been cast in, or if their music has topped the charts.

Their fame is self-made, from acquiring fans through photos and a perfectly crafted lifestyle that appeals to hundreds of thousands of people. Meet, Carina Linn, a Taiwanese certified nurse whose small number of Instagram photos have become so popular that she has been dubbed “The Sexiest Nurse On The Internet.

By day Carina is a nurse at a hospital in the Taipei, the capital of her home country Taiwan. But by night Carina strips down to take some very sexy and provocative photos which show this nurse in a whole new glamorously seductive light.

The dutiful nurse spends her days giving care to the people of Taipei and when she is off duty, it makes her incredibly happy to strip down for provocative photo shoots that show off her incredible curves. Curves that are usually hidden under scrubs.

With almost 200,000 followers on Instagram and less than 70 photos, Carina’s becoming a widely popular internet sensation, all for her gorgeous face and banging body. Her images began to go viral only after the first couple photos were posted and it’s been skyrocketing since then.

The 23-year-old has many fans who are really into the whole “nurse by day, sexy model by night” vibe that she has going on, but there are some people who are extremely critical of her lifestyle. Leaving comments that in her line of work she should dress more appropriately.

Carina is not bothered by all of these comments though. She loves her job and she loves her lifestyle and she doesn’t want anyone to tell her what she can or cannot do. She is a professional at work and she is very good at her job as a nurse.

Carina’s Instagram fame has put a lot of people in the position of wondering where the line between personal and professional on social media should be drawn. Should Carina have to hide her sexy figure and scandalous photographs just because she is a nurse?

Carina doesn’t think that she should be anything but herself. She is very proud of her looks and her body, so there is no need to hide it away just because she is a nurse. She is not parading down the hospital halls in a two-piece bikini, people need to be less critical.

Is there any point where Carina’s job would be put in jeopardy by there sexy Instagram posts? It seems only time will tell. With her photos going viral across the internet, and her fan base increasing, at some point people are going to be seeking out this sexy doctor in her workplace.

Carina’s fans are wondering if she will ever drop her day job to pursue modelling full time. Her response? No. She has no interest in becoming a famous model or ever really becoming a celebrity. She is happy with her life the way it is.

Why would such a gorgeous woman with so many sexy assets and a rising chance of fame not want to ride that train all the way to the spotlight? Carina says she likes to take the photos for herself because it makes her happy to post them.

Carina is not the first woman to become an overnight Instagram sensation, just by being herself. There are many women all over the world who feel they are simply leading their normal lives and don’t understand why they now have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Carina doesn’t think of herself as anything special. But her fans sure do. She receives hundreds of likes and comments a day on her photos from adoring fans from all over the world, praising her beauty and her work as a nurse. Carina feels very lucky to have such adoring fans.

What is next for the young beauty? Carina says she wants to continue with her normal everyday job as a nurse and not let her Instagram fame get in the way of her work. But if she reaches over a million followers, the sexy nurse might take the leap over to the world over modelling.

Until that time comes when Carina’s fame becomes too much for her to handle and she can no longer keep her life as “normal” as it was before, she is happy to be a nurse and take care of other people first. Being a nurse has always been a passion of hers and she loves comforting others.

Carina says:

“There is no rule that you cannot be a nurse and a model”

And she is sticking to that. But the world will still sit and wait for the sexy nurse to post more provocative and gorgeous photos, while her popularity rises and her internet celebrity reaches a completely new level.

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