This Wrestler Challenged Mia Khalifa To Touch His Private Part After She Insulted Wrestling

Ex-porn star and now sports personality Mia Khalifa is a social media legend. Boasting over 3.3 million Instagram followers, Khalifa has die-hard passion for all things sports. She is also known to slide into a players’ DMs and vice-versa. She is also the co-host of a Complex series called, “Out Of Bounds” where she talks about everything from player injuries to team predictions.

Despite her love for sports, Khalifa has been a strong critic of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She has termed the sport as fake and embarrassing, and said that she has no respect for the WWE.

And after weeks of verbal spats between the Pornhub legend and the wrestling community, Khalifa finally decided to appear at an Indy wrestling event in Austin, Texas. And after she stepped into the ring, things got interesting.

Maintaining her stance that wrestling is not a real sport, she called wrestling star Joey Ryan a “giant, hairy man-baby.”

Ryan, the former UFC champ, is all set to make her wrestling debut at the Royal Rumble. According to Ryan, he has super strong bionic penis which performs moves on his opponents. However, unsurprisingly, Khalifa decided to skip the chance to check it out in front of the small audience.

Though Khalifa’s male friend stepped in to break them up, he got flipped over and put on the canvas by Ryan’s finishing tool.

Watch the video to find out what happens next:


She had made headlines after she released a video where she performed sex acts wearing a hijab. “I guess it was my rebellious phase. It wasn’t really for me. I kind of smartened up and tried to distance myself from that,” she said.

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