WWE Star John Cena In Tears On Good Morning Britain

WWE superstar John Cena is iconic for his tough guy stage persona – so presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid found themselves surprised when the wrestler got teary-eyed on Good Morning Britain.

After footage of his proposal to the bride-to-be, Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania was aired, John started to well up.

“You’re getting quite emotional,” commented a visibly shocked Piers.

Well, as any hardcore Holly will be able to tell you, John Cena laid his hustle, loyalty and respect on the line in the ring last Wrestlemania in more ways than one: the Doctor of Thuganomics proposed to his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, live in the ring in front of a packed stadium, straight after the two had won an intergender tag match.

“I was extremely nervous because the audience controls our programme and this was a match with 75,000 people. You get to the point where you think ‘man, this is a good idea’, but then you’re like ‘what if they start chanting ‘no, no, no’,” he told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

“The WWE has been my family for the past 15 years. We have such a strong connection with our audience. The crazy thing about that moment is I was in a match before that and if you watch it back, the audience hated me.”

“But it is such a show of respect that once the performance finished and they realized this was a real moment that we would remember for the rest our lives [they changed].”

John also admitted that he felt incredibly nervous before he popped the question to Nikki.

“The audience controls our programme and this was a match in front of 75,000 people,” he explained.

“What if she’d said no?” interrupts Piers – “Well I was trying to put her in an environment where she wouldn’t,” quips Cena.

Nikki, thankfully, agreed to his proposal, and the pair is currently planning a wedding for next year.

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