‘You have to make sure the t**ties bounce correctly’ Alexandra Daddario reveals the secret to RACY running scenes in the movie Baywatch

BAYWATCH star Alexandra Daddario has revealed how she tackled those iconic scenes of the cast running in slow-mo across the beach.

The TV series on which the new film is based was certainly well known for the slowed-down jogging, with the likes of Pamela Anderson centre-stage.

Now, Daddario – who stars alongside Zac Efron and Kelly Rohrbach in the comedy – has said how she approached it.

Speaking with Smallzy’s Surgery, the 31-year-old revealed it was all about finding ‘the right bra’ to make sure her breasts bounced flawlessly.

“You have to make sure that the t**ties bounce correctly”, Alexandra said. “Because one of them is bigger than the other, so you want them to bounce evenly.”

“You don’t want to look stupid”, she continued. “The first time I was trying way too hard. You have to look natural and normal.”

She added: “So I think the secret was letting go. You just run naturally and then they slow it down.

“You just have to add the hair flip!”

Alexandra also spoke about getting in shape before filming, having previously auditioned for the role in her swimsuit with Zac, 29.

“I wasn’t in as good shape (then) as I was during the film”, she said, before explaining that things soon turned around.
“I was supposed to wear a shirt… and I did the first scene in the bathing suit and they were like, “You know what, just don’t put anything else on. Do the rest of the audition in the bathing suit”.”


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