‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ Take Turns To Have Sex With Shared Boyfriend

SISTERS Anna and Lucy De Cinque, dubbed the “world’s most identical twins” have revealed they take it in turns to have sex in one giant, king-size bed with their shared boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy, 33, bizarrely revealed they had sex with long-term love Ben Byrne, 34, in front of one another while discussing their lives on Australian TV show, Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

During the latest episode of Australian TV programme Hughesy, We Have a Problem, the DeCinque sisters discussed their relationship with the mechanic who they first started dating in 2012, revealing that all three share a king-size bed.

When host Dave Hughes asked if they were both present when they did the deed, they replied ‘yes’. Clearly they didn’t get the memo that says three’s a crowd.

Lucy chimed in: “There’s no jealousy in the relationship – if Ben will kiss Anna, he will kiss me Lucy.

Ben accepts us. He doesn’t mind that we dress alike and want to be together; he doesn’t judge us,” added Anna.

We always have each other’s backs… He gets double the love; double the attention.

Although their love for each other can’t be made official, as polygamy is banned under the Australian Marriage Act 1961, the three partners are hoping the twins will conceive at the same time.

While it’s possible, particularly considering the latest revelation about their bedroom antics, the technicalities are rather mind-boggling. The children would be both half-siblings and cousins – so would Ben be both the father of his children and an uncle to them? Guess they’ll cross that bridge if and when they come to it.

Prior to their familial situation, Anna and Lucy spent $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more alike, and they go to extraordinary lengths to make sure everything stays identical.

Lucy said: “If she goes to the toilet, I have to go at the same time because we eat and drink the same, we shower together, we’re just never apart.

It’s stressful being us, we have to measure our plates, everything has to be identical.

In a previous interview, the twins said: “It’s gonna be another challenge. It’s all up to Ben, I think. There’s a lot of pressure on Ben.

Poor old Ben – he’s certainly got his work cut out for him.

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