When you may here concerning the negative features of asbestos, just like an elevated risk for mesothelioma cancer, cancer of the lung, along with other such illnesses, it really has numerous very helpful characteristics that motivated its prevalent consume before the 1980s. Many industries, including construction, utilized it prior to being banned. The automotive industry, too, wasn’t safe from the prevalent benefit of asbestos.

Asbestos is really a fiber that is part of the silicate family. It’s six different subtypes, that are split into two primary families. The very first group, the serpentines, only contain one subtype, chrysotile. Chrysotile was typically the most popular type of asbestos due to its sheetlike qualities and the opportunity to form layers. Another group, amphiboles, tend to be more chain-like. The amphibole family includes amosite, crocidolite, anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite. Amosite may be the second-most typical type of asbestos after chrysotile, and crocidolite is among the most harmful.

Regardless of the risks of asbestos, the vehicle industry still tried on the extender because it may be highly helpful. Like a silicate mineral, asbestos embodies several characteristics of the mineral family which are useful. It’s highly resistant against numerous things, including heat, flame, electricity, chemicals, and degradation. Asbestos adds a number of its very own helpful characteristics too, including high tensile strength and versatility.

Due to these handy qualities, asbestos continues to be in the past put into a variety of vehicle parts, including:

Brake pads and footwear

Clutch plates

Clutch facings


A number of these parts experience considerable amounts of deterioration. For instance, any time you hit your brakes, they are able to release asbestos fibers in to the air when the pads or footwear contain the mineral. Because asbestos is just harmful if this goes airborne after which settles into someone’s lung area, it’s no question that automotive personnel are particularly prone to asbestos illnesses.

To assist safeguard these workers and folks around them, the Ecological Protection Agency (Environmental protection agency) and also the Work-related Safe practices Administration (OSHA) have teamed together to manage asbestos. The Environmental protection agency generally regulates asbestos that’s released in to the air, while OSHA particularly targets workers. It takes auto repair centers who perform greater than five brake or clutch repairs or replacements each week must utilize a minumum of one from the following safety precautions:

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