Some of the activities like fishing have a special place in the lives of people. The fact about them is that they provide fun and relaxation, both physically and mentally. It is something that fascinates different cultures around the world. The popularity of fishing on these aspects is as such that people tend to dedicate an entire vacation for the purpose of fishing, to countries like Thailand. Having a fishing tour in Thailand is one of the best ways to explore more about the fishing sport with great hospitality. However, before having one of these trips, it is important to have knowledge about the different types of lines that can be used with the fishing rods.


This is one of the oldest fishing lines that has been used and has stood on the test of time and technology. It is also known as “single thread”. The reason behind the other name is because of the single material used in its making which can either be plastic in most of the cases or nylon, in some of the others. The material is stretched long and then inserted inside a very thin tube-like structure.


This is actually an improvised form of the monofilament. The method of making it is the same but it involves merging two different materials into one for the final form. This tends to give them a whole new level of strength and properties and allows the manufacturer to have an edge over the subtle issues that come along with the fishing lines.


Now, this is another variation of the monofilament. It has a denser form than that of the basic one. It comes from the family of the material Teflon and Freon which are common materials found in the kitchen materials. It is meant for deploying stealth in fishing as the line is not visible to the fishes or even anyone easily.

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