The TOEIC, or Examination of English for International Communication, is identified worldwide and examinations English skills of individuals working in a worldwide setting.

If you want to Study TOEFL [เรียน toefl, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

TOEIC allows you to verify your English effectiveness to a potential employer, occasionally to a school, as well as extra normally to obtain insight right into your present level of English.

  • TOEIC is provided as a paper-and-pencil examination
  • TOEIC is organized by the Educational Test Service, ETS

There are two separate TOEIC examinations:

  • TOEIC Listening, as well as Reading or TOEIC L&R
  • TOEIC Speaking, as well as Writing, or TOEIC S&W

They are two independent tests, administered individually as well as with various scoring systems. The test takers register for one or the other or both individuals. Furthermore, it is possible to sign up individually for TOEIC Talking Test, as well as for TOEIC Writing Examination.

As their titles suggest, TOEIC L&R examines just the listening comprehension as well as analysis understanding abilities of the examination taker, whereas TOEIC S&W reviews particularly the oral and written expression skills.

Both examinations, however, stay geared in the direction of workplace situations.

As 95% of our students prepare for TOEIC L&R, in this section of the website we speak of this examination as just “TOEIC,” if the contrary is not discussed. However, must you need to get ready for TOEIC S&W, please feel free to call us for more information, we do give private tutoring for the Speaking as well as Creating test.



TOEIC L&R is scored on a scale of 10-990. In addition, the scores for Listening and Reading are reported independently, on a scale of 5-595.


TOEIC Talking Examination is scored on the score of 0-200. TOEIC Writing Test is also racked up on the scale of 0-200. If you take both examinations, your scores will be reported separately.

If you want to know how to Study TOEFL [เรียน TOEFL, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.

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