The fast-paced and busy lives of people today have put a heavy burden on households. To alleviate the stress of household work, many people opt for the help of housemaids. In India, it is quite common for households to have domestic help. In this blog post, we will discuss the integral role of Indian maid (印傭) in modern households.

Maintaining the Household Clean:

One of the most important responsibilities of domestic workers is to maintain the cleanliness of households. They take care of daily chores like sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting and cleaning the furniture, and washing the dishes. Domestic workers ensure that the household remains neat and tidy and takes care of the overall cleanliness of the house.

Cooking and Meal Preparation:

Indian maids are skilled in cooking traditional Indian dishes and meals. They plan and prepare menus, do the grocery shopping, and cook meals for the entire household. Apart from Indian food, they are also skilled in making international cuisine on demand. This relieves the households from the stress of meal preparation and ensures that the family gets nutritious and wholesome meals.


In households with children, maids play an instrumental role in taking care of the children. They look after the children’s hygiene, dress them up, help them with homework, and keep them engaged in activities. The maids could help the children with art and crafts, reading, or playing games. With an Indian maid’s help, parents can focus on their professional responsibilities, knowing that their children are well-cared for.

Elderly Care:

In households with elderly family members, the maids play an essential role in providing care and assistance to them. They help with personal care, such as bathing and grooming, and also do housework for them. Domestic workers caring for seniors also help reduce their feeling of loneliness and depression.

Management of the household:

Indian domestic workers are also responsible for managing the household work. They do laundry, ironing, and folding clothes. They also take care of the household’s grocery shopping and running other errands. This ensures that the households run smoothly and efficiently.


In India, the contribution of domestic help to households is immeasurable. They not only offer practical assistance but also contribute to the emotional well-being of household members. Their work takes the burden off households and allows them to have more time for themselves, their families, and their careers. As more and more families become busy, it is paramount that we give Indian domestic workers the respect, dignity, and pay they deserve for their vital role in modern households.

By Ted Rosenberg

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